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Will you vote No to protect real wages?

Posted by Vivienne Doogan on November 12, 2012

Thousands of Together members have committed to vote 'no' in the ballot next week. One of the big reasons why, other than the stripping of job security and consultation rights, is wages.

Tafe to be impacted by skills and training report

Posted by Alex Scott on November 6, 2012

Today the final report in Queensland Skills and Training Taskforce came out.  You can find it here

Hands off our Public Health Services

Posted by Alex Scott on November 5, 2012

Queensland Health workers are amongst the hardest working professionals, who are committed to their patients and the delivery of world class health services. The community knows and supports the work you do, however the Newman Government continues to swing a wrecking ball through the system without any real thought to the impact on patients, the community and the employees. Yes, efficiencies should always be a priority but this madness needs to stop.

Workers in the Department of Housing and Public Works have seen through the government's spin and rejected the government 'offer' that will cut real wages, job security and conditions.

Way Forward for QBuild and Public Works Members

Posted by Alex Scott on November 1, 2012

Meetings were held with the Department today regarding the current process for identifying surplus staff and a potential way forward may be achievable. One of the most important things we are hearing from members is they want some certainty but at the same time want to be treated fairly and with dignity.

Stay being sought for QBuild and Public Works members

Posted by Alex Scott on October 31, 2012

QBuild and Project Services delegates have been demanding the Department of Housing and Public Works give employees sufficient information and time to consider their future. Many of the concerns that had been raised by Together delegates and representatives in recent meetings with the Department were accepted by the Industrial Relations Commission in a hearing called on by Blue Collar Unions yesterday and a 28 day injunction placed on QBuild on further implementation of the job cuts.

10k strong for your rights at work

Posted by Vivienne Doogan on October 29, 2012

The petition for a parliamentary inquiry is gaining strength everyday. We are close to 10k signatures and are starting to send a strong message to federal politicians that this is important to Queensland workers.

Members win on consultation in Health

Posted by Together Queensland on October 25, 2012

Just over two weeks ago I wrote to you about job cuts and restructures beginning to be implemented without consultation among the Hospital and Health Services and an upcoming conference being held by the Industrial Relations Commission to attempt to finalise an agreed process to end the uncertainty and set out what the obligations are for consultation about organisational change.

14,000 reasons to stand up to Newman

Posted by Alex Scott on October 24, 2012

Head's up: this email is long, but important. It's about a new opportunity to make your rights at work and what's happening in Queensland a national priority, but we need you to help make it happen.

Most governments try to create jobs. But since winning power in March, Campbell Newman has done more to add to Queensland's unemployment queue by deliberately axing 14,000 jobs.

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