Important research into workplace bullying

Posted by Alex Scott on November 19, 2012

The Southern Cross University is undertaking a research program to help develop intervention tools for workplace bullying. They have developed a survey and are asking people to share their experiences.

An Independent Public Service Commission - Really?

Posted by Alex Scott on November 16, 2012

They advised the government on how many jobs to cut, they advised the government on how to change the laws to strip away your rights so that they could do it, now they are advising you to accept the government's agreement which offers a real wages cut and removes job security. The Public Service Commission is relishing its role selling the Government's snake oil, rather than acting as independent guardian of public service principles.

Big Steps. Free kids concert

Posted by Alex Scott on November 15, 2012

This Saturday, Bananas in Pyjamas and the Wot Wots will be holding a free concert from 10-11am in support of the Big Steps campaign for better childcare.

Today Alex and I, along with other organisations representing medical officers, met with Health Minister Lawrence Springborg about the government's response to allegations made about under-reporting of income earned under private practice arrangements. The meeting with the Health Minister follows recent media reports raising these allegations.

HP update

Posted by Alex Scott on November 14, 2012

As advised in our previous update in August the Full Bench of the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission (QIRC) determined that the best way to proceed was for one individual case to be taken to arbitration for a Full Bench decision.  The first case was to be arbitrated on 20th October, having being taken to conciliation previously this case will deal with the disputed appeal outcome of a Together member.

TOGETHER TOOWOOMBA REGIONAL ORGANISING COMMITTEE MEETING - Will be held on Wednesday 21st November, 2012 commencing at 5.30 p.m. at Tara Room, Irish Club Hotel, Russell Street Toowoomba

Will you vote No to protect real wages?

Posted by Vivienne Doogan on November 12, 2012

Thousands of Together members have committed to vote 'no' in the ballot next week. One of the big reasons why, other than the stripping of job security and consultation rights, is wages.

Tafe to be impacted by skills and training report

Posted by Alex Scott on November 6, 2012

Today the final report in Queensland Skills and Training Taskforce came out.  You can find it here

Hands off our Public Health Services

Posted by Alex Scott on November 5, 2012

Queensland Health workers are amongst the hardest working professionals, who are committed to their patients and the delivery of world class health services. The community knows and supports the work you do, however the Newman Government continues to swing a wrecking ball through the system without any real thought to the impact on patients, the community and the employees. Yes, efficiencies should always be a priority but this madness needs to stop.

Workers in the Department of Housing and Public Works have seen through the government's spin and rejected the government 'offer' that will cut real wages, job security and conditions.

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