All Together Payroll Staff

Posted by Julie Bignell on September 15, 2011

Please read on for the latest update regarding payroll specific negotiations with Queensland Health.

They just did their job

Posted by Alex Scott on September 11, 2011

There’s been plenty of commentary and talk about the ten-year anniversary of the terrible events of September 11, 2001.

QIMR: Where can we make savings?

Posted by Alex Scott on September 10, 2011

The blog on the negotiations for a new collective agreement in QIMR has been updated!  Click here to read the post.

Health workers are building better lives

Posted by Alex Scott on September 6, 2011

Workers in Queensland Health are vital to our community, and that's why it's great to see so many people signing up to make working lives better in Queensland Health.

QIMR: Wages, timeframes and priorities?

Posted by Alex Scott on September 2, 2011

Your Rallies a HUGE success!

Posted by Alex Scott on September 1, 2011

Across South-East Queensland, in Maryborough and Cairns yesterday EB8 members met together and showed the enormous strength you have in rejecting cuts to your wages and conditions. Congratulations to all members who participated in these activities!! There are some photos of the action at our website -

Over 700 members across the state were involved and media outlets ran positive stories about your campaign for a fair deal.

Delegates moved the following motion at the rallies yesterday -

"This meeting of union members, calls upon Qld Health to immediately withdraw all threats and attacks on our rights and entitlements and also agree to maintain, as a minimum, existing award and EB7 conditions, the strengthening of collective agreement rights for employment security, non-contracting out of jobs performed in Queensland Health and a decent pay increase as a minimum base for this round of bargaining.

Further unless this commitment is made by Close of Business 7 September 2011 union members will exercise their legal rights to take protected industrial action and collective activities to get the respect and recognition we deserve"¬Ě

This is a great sign in ensuring that as a union group we have the strength to force Queensland Health to listen to you and show you the respect you deserve.

Your EB7 agreement expired yesterday and as meetings continue across the state in the next week more members will join in this call for real action and respect for the important work you do in looking after our Queensland community every day.

Now is the time to get everyone involved in the campaign - we are stronger together. We need to continue to stand together to win!

If you know someone who is not yet a member ask them to join you and join our union -

An update on how negotiations went yesterday will come out tomorrow - stay tuned!

PS: If you have any more photos of actions in your area yesterday send them through to - you made a big difference yesterday and the images of everyone standing strong together help remind management that we won't take a backwards step!

EBA8: Lunch rallies, Wednesday

Posted by Alex Scott on August 29, 2011

Queensland Health has refused to commit to job security and a fair wage increase in bargaining negotiations. They are trying to undermine the hard fought rights and entitlements of EB8 workers. Now is our opportunity to show that we are serious.

Expensive consultants

Posted by Alex Scott on August 28, 2011

As the final step in the amalgamation of the QPSU and ASU your union has been renamed Together. Together is one of the largest and best resourced unions in the country. Over the coming weeks you'll be hearing more about your new union and our campaigns to maintain job security, make sure that wages keep pace with the cost of living and protect investment in public services. In the meantime you can still access expert industrial advice by calling 1800 177 244.

QIMR: Slow going in negotiations as delegates seek answers

Posted by Alex Scott on August 27, 2011

The blog on the negotiations for a new collective agreement in QIMR has been updated!  Click here to read the post.

DTMR: A new offer - more to do

Posted by Alex Scott on August 25, 2011

TMR workers should be congratulated on their efforts during the Transport & Main Roads EDA8 campaign. It is members' commitment to standing Together that has meant the government has again been forced to come up with a new offer.

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