Update on your CITEC EBA - 19 May

Posted by Cameron Watson on May 19, 2020

Your EB agreement is what will determine your pay and conditions for at least the next 3 years. Together members have put forward important suggestions for improving things at CITEC.

ASU Win - Jetstar to pay JobKeeper on normal pay dates!

Posted by Megan Denny on May 15, 2020

The Qantas Group have provided the ASU with information about upcoming JobKeeper pay dates. A table is provided below confirming all the dates that Jetstar is to make a JobKeeper payment to ALL eligible employees for the duration of the scheme.

ASU members are being left in the dark by THAI

Posted by Megan Denny on May 15, 2020

The ASU recently received correspondence from Thai Airways International (‘known as THAI’) stating that they don’t intend to apply for the JobKeeper scheme and that they believe they’re ineligible for the program. 

Quick! Union Meeting Monday to discuss latest news – UQ

Posted by The Together Universities Team on May 15, 2020

As you would be aware there are big proposals being made about the future of industrial agreements for University staff.

Menzies is stealing your annual leave

Posted by Megan Denny on May 15, 2020

ASU members are furious at Menzies Aviation’s decision to steal their annual leave. Menzies says their cash flow issues means that they need to force you to run down your leave balances. Nonsense!

Healthscope Administration Agreement now in jeopardy!

Posted by Megan Denny on May 14, 2020

It has been almost 2 months since we communicated with you about the status of your Agreement (Healthscope Queensland Clerical Services Employee Agreement 2019-2023). You can read the lastest email here. At this time your union delegates and Healthscope had agreed that the offer should go out to ballot and workers should have a say on the agreement. 

Together in TMR Update

Posted by Remi Armstrong on May 12, 2020

We hope you had a good weekend and were able to see family or friends as restrictions have started to ease.

How the changes in restrictions impact your work is a key focus for union members in TMR.

Together in Schools - Union News – Week 4!

Posted by Kate Flanders on May 11, 2020

We hope you are going well and that you have a good week as many more students return.

QML Voluntary Leave update & EBA discussions

Posted by Megan Denny on May 7, 2020

On Thursday, April 30, an extraordinary meeting was called between your Union, United Workers Union (UWU) and QML.  This was an opportunity to discuss and raise concerns about QML’s dealing with the ‘job security agreements’ and annual leave requests that have been occurring in your workplace. 

Border patrol operation duties - have your say.

Posted by Remi Armstrong on May 7, 2020

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