22 February: Send a message to Campbell Newman in Redcliffe

Posted January 13, 2014 by Alex Scott

On 22 February the people of Redcliffe will be voting for a new MP to represent them in the Queensland Parliament. But this vote won’t just affect those who live in Redcliffe: it will affect all Queenslanders.

This choice will send an important message to the Newman government – do Queenslanders support the Newman government’s agenda of privatisation, service cuts and job cuts, or do they want to see a change for the better: a better Parliament, protections for workplace rights, and quality public services run for the benefit of the community, not the profit of private companies?

People from all over are volunteering for the Working for Queenslanders campaign to send a message to Campbell Newman in Redcliffe. Will you join them?

There will be many different ways to get involved – you can make phone calls, talk to people, or hand out flyers. You’ll be joined by Working for Queenslanders community supporters and members of other unions.

Every election is important. Every MP from every political party should be held accountable for the promises they make to the community. This election is even more important than most because it is a clear fork in the road: will the Newman government’s rubber stamp Parliament be strengthened with new voices, or will Redcliffe’s voters have to deal with yet another MP who ignores the voices of their community?

Sign up today to get involved in the campaign for a positive voice in Redcliffe.


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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