12 incredible things Together members did this year

Posted on December 22, 2016

2016 has been a big year for Together members across Queensland. With the new year just around the corner, we need to celebrate some of the incredible wins members have had this year. It’s been a good year to be union!

1) Purpled it up for Labour Day

Labour Day was back in its historic and rightful place in May. Together members and their families wore their purple shirts and flew our flags proudly at marches from Thursday Island to Brisbane #unionproud

2) Public sector workers finally won a good core agreement

After four years of negotiations and fighting the Newman government, Together members covered by the Core secured a new agreement. We are so proud of public service members for standing strong on their rights, voice and protection at work.

3) Schools members secured $100 million to start fixing an outdated funding model

For years Together members in schools have been fighting for more funding to change the outdated allocative model. This year they won an extra $100 million of funding to secure fairer classification levels for schools officers, business services managers and administration officers in small schools!

There is still work to do to give our support staff a fair go. We can’t wait to see what they do next year!

4) Corrections took a once in a generation opportunity to fix classification structures

After taking industrial action, custodial corrections members were able to ensure that the unfair barriers to progression would be removed. Corrections members also got the top up on workers compensation when officers are injured at work restored.

5) We helped #RaisetheWage

Right across the country, unions won an increase for millions of Australian workers paid award wages. This is an important win for our most vulnerable union members who will now have an extra 2.4% in their pay checks.

6) Qantas members had a big win!

93.6% of Qantas staff voted to endorse their new agreement, making it one of the strongest supported agreements we’ve ever seen! Together members won domestic violence leave and so much more in their historic collective agreement.

7) Marched as LGBTQIA members and allies in #Pride

Solidarity forever amirite??

8) TAFE members voted YES!

What a year for TAFE! They got their Modern Award finalised and concluded two sets of bargaining to establish two collective agreements for service and educator employees.

9) #winning job security

Thousands of public service members stood up for their protections at work by signing petitions, making submissions and lobbying decision makers to secure a fairer process to permanent employment. They won when the government supported member’s changes in parliament!

This means that long term temporary, higher duties, labour hire and casual workers now have access to an appeals process and a pathway to permanent employment.

10) Health members fought hard for better pay and conditions

Queensland Health refused to listen to the concerns of Together members and they fought back. Together members lodged over 140 protected action ballots, had rallies, and went to public meetings.

With the threat of the biggest rally yet outside Parliament in Brisbane and hundreds of emails to Ministers, the Government stepped in with a new offer with full back pay. Health members are now considering the offer.

11) Secured domestic violence leave for all Queensland Public Sector workers

Domestic violence leave saves lives!

12) Super members protect superannuation

When the Treasurer introduced draft legislation that would give him the power to change the multiplier that determined the payout of superannuation in the defined benefits QSuper scheme, members rallied to protect our super. The efforts of Together members to protect our superannuation meant the Treasurer listened, acted and amended the legislation on super to take the decision out of the hands of politicians - securing your super entitlements from interference.

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