12 ways Together members won in 2017

Posted on December 5, 2017

As 2017 comes to an end, it's important to reflect on all of the incredible and inspiring things Together members have done. Together has had a big year of wins from new workplace agreements to standing up for what matters in the workplace and community.

Together, we are making our workplaces, communities and lives better!

1) Purple power at Labour Day

The best day in the union calendar was huge! Thousands of Together members and their families wore purple and proudly flew our flags at celebrations from Thursday Island to Brisbane.

2) Investment in child safety

Child safety delegates took their frontline experience straight to parliament to lobby politicians for a better funding model. Their stories inspired more more investment in child safety.

There is still more work to do to make sure that the funding allocated to child safety matches the needs of Queensland children and families. 

3) Finailsed the new EB9 and HPDO agreements

EB9 and HPDO members celebrated the certification of their new and improved agreements and pay rises after a year of hard work to get there. 

Delegates have continued to be active in the many reviews in the new agreements.

4) Increased the minimum wage by 3.3%

Union members got the minimum award wage increased by a massive 3.3% - the highest increase in over 5 years!

5) Celebrated the stars in our schools

School support staff came together to acknowledge the important work they do keeping our great state schools safe and running.

6) Improved rights for temporary workers

Long term temporary workers in the public sector were able to access a new directive that provided a pathway to permanent employments and an appeals process. Hundreds of Together members have been made permanent as a result!

7) IT support funding in schools

Schools members won extra funding for IT support jobs in schools. For the first time ever, every state school will have an allocation of funding for IT support.

8) QML members stuck together for a new agreement

After a year of negotiating an agreement that expired in 2010, QML members finalised their new agreement. They stuck together to make sure QML didn’t split their workplaces by having two separate agreements.

9) Qantas delegates recognised nationally

Qantas members won the ACTU’s Jennie George award for their contributions to women’s advancement in unions after they won domestic violence leave and more parental leave in their collective agreement.

10) YES to marriage equality

We supported our LGBTIQ union members, colleagues, friends and family by voting YES to marriage equality in the postal survey. Equality is union business!

11) Stopped Tim Nicholls from cutting our jobs and services

Together members hit the streets, the phones and polling booths to remind voters over the state election about the job and service cuts Tim Nicholls made with Campbell Newman in 2012. We changed hearts, minds and votes to make sure that all candidates knew how important services are to our communities.

Together we made a real difference for our jobs and services this state election.

12) We got bigger and stronger!

We welcomed more members into our union which makes us even stronger to continue winning in 2018.

We are stronger together!

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