Your QUT collective agreement is at Fair Work Update

Posted by Megan Denny on August 19, 2019

Your QUT Agreement is still sitting with the Fair Work Commission (FWC) while they check whether the new agreement passes the "Better Off Overall Test" (BOOT).

TMR says NO – what do you say?

Posted by TMR Delegate Team on August 16, 2019

12 weeks have now passed and yesterday they came to the table to advise your Delegates: "NO!"

Why? Because everything you have asked for they either believe they already do well, such as professional development, work life balance, support for workers with mental health issues, workload management and management of temporary and casual employees, or it will cost them too much money. This includes progression, uniforms, and safe car storage.

How you can help make change in CSYW & YJ

Posted by Dee Spink & Jo O'Shanesy on August 16, 2019

You’ve heard a lot from us recently about the arbitration for your wages and conditions in Child Safety, Youth & Women and Youth Justice.

Your EBA negotiations at the AMWU will begin soon

Posted by Megan Denny on August 16, 2019

Members are informed that bargaining for a new EBA will begin soon. The current AMWU Staff Agreement 2017-2019 expires for negotiation purposes on the 31 December 2019. Together ASU and its delegates have contacted the AMWU leadership to begin the bargaining process.

Blue Care - Important update on CPR and First Aid training

Posted by Peter Cattach on August 16, 2019

Allied Health members from the Sunshine Coast have been raising concerns with their local management, writing letters and meeting with Blue Care to address breaches of agreement.

HPDOCA Update - 16 August

Posted by James Dunn, Together delegates and Allied Health Assistant, QCH on August 16, 2019

Following our EB meeting on Tuesday about Wages (should we be offered less – view email about wages here) we met again yesterday to put forward your claims regarding the allowances that our members deserve for their work. Attending with me were Together bargaining team delegates PJ, Andrea, Rohan, and Quaneta. 

Together - F&DS Program Connect - PSBA Member consultation

Posted by Cameron Watson on August 16, 2019

My name is Cameron. For those who I haven't met before, I am the organiser from your union Together currently working with members in PSBA.

Education: Wages, Superannuation, Employment Security

Posted by Alex Scott on August 15, 2019

We are in the midst of preparations for the arbitration of your wages and conditions under the Department of Education agreement. This is our big case about your pay rise and other improvements that we are seeking to progression, classifications, workloads and hours of work.

Together applies for 3% Award increase for public servants

Posted by Alex Scott on August 15, 2019

Together is advocating for a pay increase for public servants of 3% from 1 September 2019, while we await the outcome of the arbitration processes. Our union is seeking to increase the wage rates of public servants covered by the Public Service Award as part of the State Wage Case through the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission.

Health wages - should we receive less?

Posted by Andrew Coates, Clinical Leader Respiratory Science QCH, Together delegate on August 13, 2019

We have an important report back on some of the events from today’s meeting to negotiate your wages and conditions. Today was a joint meeting of both EB10 and HPDOCA, because we were dealing with our members claims that are the same across both agreements. Attending the meeting with me were delegates Andrea, Maria, Adrian, Lindsay, Barb, and John.

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