Have your say: TMR EB negotiations

Posted by Alex Scott on February 19, 2019

Today we are launching the first union survey about what you want to see change at work this year.

Issues in Oral Health

Posted by Heather Hayes on February 18, 2019

Metro North Oral Health members recently attended a meeting to discuss issues and practices impacting members in the CAOHS program and how members can work together to resolve these issues.

Oral Health Teleconference

Posted by Heather Hayes on February 18, 2019

Negotiations for your new collective agreement have kicked off! Yesterday we opened the Queensland Health EB survey. You can see that email here.

Virgin Australia extends existing FWAs

Posted by Billy Colless on February 18, 2019

Since November last year, the ASU has been in contact with the Company about how to properly handle requests from staff for Flexible Working Arrangements (FWAs).

QBFP: What we’re fighting for

Posted by Together QBFP Delegates on February 15, 2019

We’ve been telling the Department for months that we are underpaid for the complex and important work we do. It’s clear to us that all TO2, TO3 and TO4 members deserve to go up a pay level to keep up with our colleagues interstate and in MSQ.

Child Safety: Will you send a message to Minister Farmer?

Posted by Dee and Jo on February 15, 2019

February is a key month for your CSYW EB. We have another conciliation session on 1 March, as well as a conference in early March where delegates will be talking about ‘where to next’.

Your Steering Committee delegates have recommended escalating your message to Minister Farmer directly through this open letter. We need to move quickly to do this, but the plus side is that all you need to do is sign on the dotted line!

As many of you will be aware, management have released the Business Plan for Change, Organisational Realignment of Metro South Addiction and Mental Health Services.

Flight Centre: Raise your voice about Performance Plans

Posted by Billy Colless on February 15, 2019

Flight Centre are currently putting 300+ Consultants on performance plans. Failure to reach the targets in the performance plans for February and March will result in their termination. 

Armaguard Update Feb 2019

Posted by Billy Colless on February 15, 2019

There is a lot going on at Armaguard. Here is an update to let you know where everything is at.

EBA – why voting is delayed

Recently your union picked up issues with the drafting of the Collective Agreement and have asked that Armaguard honour their agreement and our past talks. Here is what we have asked them to ensure is added to the draft:

Together Friday Update – Townsville, Work Bans, Next Steps

Posted by Kate Flanders on February 15, 2019

I hope you have had a great week.


Hayley Stevenson (who is the Department’s Recovery Coordinator) and the team in Townsville briefed us yesterday on the work that everyone has been doing in Townsville to provide support for staff, students, families and the community. It is an enormous effort and you are all doing a great job! Following the briefing the team also forwarded the Recovery Bulletin with a link to a PD session hosted by Townsville HHS “After the Disaster”. All school staff are invited to attend. The flyer is here.

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