Without public preventive health workers, new ad campaign set to fail

Posted February 15, 2013 by Together Queensland

Queenslanders facing the challenge of improving their health by tackling obesity have a right to be concerned the Newman government decimated health services last year by axing the jobs of hundreds of public preventive health workers.

Together Secretary Alex Scott said today, “Without the back up of public preventive health workers whose jobs were axed by the Newman government from August last year, the $7.5 million obesity ad campaign is set to fail.

“The Newman government slashed the positive health programming that helps Queenslanders live healthy lives.

“Many Queenslanders simply don’t have the spare cash for private health insurance and rely on our state public health services.

“Someone living with obesity might see the new ad on an off chance and wonder, ‘What help can I get to fix this, where can I go to learn better habits’, and last August the Newman government axed hundreds of state preventive health experts responsible for back up, support and education.

“The Newman government slashed and burned preventive health services that deliver health benefits and savings for Queenslanders in the long term.

“Public preventive health workers could be on the ground in our communities, for example implementing healthy eating and lifestyles programmes for our schools.

“If the Newman government thinks health services for obese people cost a bit already, just wait a few years until the impact of trashing public preventive health services hits home.

“Now the Newman government has found a shred of a clue and owns a preventive health message everyone is supposed to listen to them.

“When we were saying public preventive health is important the Newman government refused to consult across the state workforce, ignored our concerns and sacked an experienced workforce dedicated to public preventive health.

“It’s a matter of public record that we have already called on the Newman government to return Queensland health funding to previous levels.

“We can see the damage that bad state government is causing and we will continue to name it in the interests of our members and Queensland communities.”


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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