Will the Premier meet with everyday Queensland public sector workers given that the Treasurer is refusing to?

Posted August 9, 2012 by Alex Scott

The union of public sector workers continues to welcome any opportunity to sit down with the Premier, with union leaders – who are public servants themselves – and discuss the important issues of job cuts and cuts to services.

Together is again inviting the Premier to meet with a small group of representatives, including delegates who are public servants, as part of a focus on ongoing negotiations and services for Queensland communities.

“We’re asking the Premier to sit down and have the conversation with us, it’s not me who says yes or no to these agreements, it’s our members, and that’s why it’s important that the Premier hear direct from union leaders who are public servants as well as from me,” Together Secretary Alex Scott said today.

“There’s still time for the Premier to step in where the Treasurer has declined to meet. “We are also hopeful that with the assistance of the Industrial Commission that workers voices will be heard in this process.

“It’s too important to Queenslanders for their perspectives not to be on the record with the decision makers.

“Ministers cannot expect to sit in their ivory towers and not listen to what an impact job cuts and service cuts are having on our Queensland community.

“We’re looking forward to an opportunity to focus a spotlight on the detailed impact of ongoing cuts to services for Queensland communities and the slashing of thousands of breadwinners’ jobs,” Mr Scott said.

“The government wishes it could shift the spotlight from thousands of Queenslanders losing their jobs and well as the fact that they are ideologically opposed to fair and reasonable job security for people.

“The government cannot escape the fact that we met productively for hours yesterday with official government negotiators, it’s those in the ministerial offices who can’t clear the hurdle of sitting in a room and listening to a few public servants.

“We also note today’s unemployment figures are out which is the real story of real pain, the government needs to stop the slash and burn, take a deep breath, sit down and talk reasonably.”


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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