The voice of Queenslanders cannot be silenced

Posted June 12, 2013 by Together Queensland

Union members are preparing to continue to fight the Newman government’s plans for privatisation with the establishment of a new entity to unite Queenslanders against privatisation and in support of Queensland public services.

“Campbell Newman’s government has just passed the most extreme set of anti-union, anti-democratic laws in Australia to stifle the voices of Queenslanders who oppose his agenda,” Together Secretary Alex Scott said.

“Never before in Queensland’s history has a government had as much electoral power as the Newman government. And last week it has voted itself even more power in a draconian attempt to stifle dissent that we have not seen in Queensland for a generation.

“They have done this because they know that Queenslanders overwhelmingly oppose privatisation.

“The largest scientific political poll in Australia in March, conducted by the independent polling organisation ReachTel, confirmed that 74% of Queenslanders are opposed to the privatisation of health and hospital services.

“The voices of Queenslanders deserve to be heard in this debate. Union members are determined to continue the public debate about privatisation and the provision of quality services that all Queenslanders need,” Mr Scott said.

“We understand the priorities of union members because our union has far more robust and accountable democratic governance structures than anything that exists within the LNP.

“We will be using these representative and robust democratic structures to finalise a plan to ensure that the campaign against privatisation and job cuts does not end. The decisions about this, as are all decisions in our organisation, will be led by the will of our union’s grassroots membership.”

Blog post, with details on the legislation.


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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