Union asks Commission to stop rushed Health split

Posted January 27, 2012 by Alex Scott

The Health union, Together, has condemned the state government’s rush to break up Queensland Health before the state election.

The state government has scheduled two days next week during which workers have the opportunity to have a say on what the government itself says is the biggest change to the department in a generation.

Together Secretary Alex Scott said that it was appalling that the government was rushing to implement a major change that didn’t have bipartisan support before the beginning of the caretaker convention on 19 February.

“We will be applying to the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission for assistance on this in making sure that the people who know the most about delivering services get a say,” Mr Scott said.

“The Premier has broken her word – on 20 January she said that this restructure would only be implemented after the election, within 100 days,” he said.

“When the government said it wants to ‘take a wrecking ball to Queensland Health’, staff were naturally concerned. But we’re even more concerned that such a major reform is being rushed through because the government wants to clear the decks for an election.

“The government has treated staff with arrogance and disrespect. They are saying ‘trust us’ and asking workers to accept that their conditions are safe, without any firm guarantees,” he said.

Mr Scott said that the fate of workers in the Division of the Chief Health Officer (DCHO) needs to be discussed in detail.

“The work of DCHO in public health monitoring and preventative health might not rate highly in focus groups. But it does rate highly in any serious discussion of health policy in Queensland.

 “Workers are being treated as pawns by politicians through this process. Queensland Health staff delivery world-class health services but the government is more interested in delivering a political fix. That’s not good enough for Health staff or for Queenslanders,” Mr Scott said.


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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