Townsville specialists gathering to discuss health crisis

Posted February 27, 2014 by Together Queensland

Townsville specialists at Health are meeting today to discuss how the health crisis is affecting the north.

Hundreds of senior medical officers (doctors including specialists) have been meeting across the state amid strong community opposition to unfair individual contracts.

One senior doctor said, “We are all very concerned about the long term consequences for our health system.

“We are concerned about the risk that comes with changing the relationship between doctors and management.

“We are concerned for the prospects of a health system where doctors who were recruited from interstate and overseas are being asked to accept conditions that are fundamentally unfair and that can be changed unilaterally with no right of appeal.

“One of our rights regarding grounds of appeal has been legislated away.

“As I trained several decades ago I know the hazards of working dreadful hours both for doctors and for patients.

“The ability to recruit more doctors will be reduced, and some doctors will choose to leave Queensland given the contracts, workload issues, and the risks about working unsafe hours, working tired and fatigued.”

Together organiser Billy Colless said, “We want our Queensland doctors to have unfair dismissal rights, we don’t want our local doctors working so tired that their eyeballs are falling out of their heads.”

In breaking news at Cairns yesterday it was revealed about 90 per cent of the north’s 200 doctors have already indicated they will not sign contracts.

More than 4500 health jobs have been axed from Queensland’s health services since mid 2012.

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February 27, 2014

Outside Townsville General Hospital main entrance

100 Angus Smith Drive



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