Together welcomes return to Westminster system of government

Posted on January 30, 2015

The union of public servants has welcomed the commitment from the ALP for a return to permanency within the public service.

"A permanent public service is vital to the Westminster system of government which relies on an apolitical public service which is able to provide frank and fearless advice to the government of the day," Together Secretary Alex Scott said.

"Our politicians need the best advice possible and public servants are only able to provide that advice, advice politicians often don’t want to hear, when they know that they have permanent positions.

"Permanency is also a corner stone of the Westminster system to ensure that the public service is not politicised by the government of the day," Mr Scott said.

The Newman government removed permanency from the public service as part of the process of mass sackings of public servants in 2012.

The ALP has committed, as part of the reversal LNP’s industrial changes, to reintroduce permanency within the public service and in the industrial awards and agreements within the public service.

The ALP has committed to maximising permanency of employment with the public service.

The public service and public services have been under sustained attack from the LNP government since 2012.

"Together welcomes the commitments of the ALP to restore the Westminster system of government and start to restore the services that have been removed by the LNP government," Mr Scott said.

"Together has not sought a commitment that every public servant sacked by the LNP government be re-employed.  We know you can’t unscramble the egg, no matter how bad the omelette.

"Many of the public servants sacked have moved on with their lives.  We know the damage done to people and to communities by these sackings but we need to move forward.  Many of the people sacked have had their positions refilled as the LNP has recognised that they cut too far and too fast in 2012.

"We call on all candidates in this election to support the proposals to restore the Westminster system of government and restore the service to the Queensland community,” Mr Scott said.

"This election the public have a clear choice.

"An LNP government is committed to full implementation of the Costello report 'A Plan – Better Services for Queenslanders' which will see the wholesale privatisation and outsourcing of government services in health, education, disability services, corrective service and other government services.

"A re-elected LNP government will cut more jobs in the next three years than they cut in the first three years.

"We estimate another 24,000 public sector jobs will be cut in the next term under the LNP.

The ALP have committed to a return to the Westminster system of permanency which will protect existing  jobs and restore public sector services," Mr Scott said.

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