Together members force turn around on pay increase

Posted December 10, 2013 by Together Queensland

Together members force turn around on pay increase


Together members’ postcard campaign has today forced a stunning turnaround by the Newman government – however in an outrageous move the government continues to refuse to match the pay increase politicians received or give workers the same back dating they gave themselves.

“Together members have been campaigning heavily since 2012 and as part of this demanding a fair pay increase and today’s decision is neither fair nor reasonable,” Together Secretary, Alex Scott said.

 “Sure the government has been forced to abandon their extremist legal tactics but this is still a bad decision.  If the government cared about public servants they would have given a pay rise before last Christmas not delayed public servants a pay rise unnecessarily for a further twelve months.

 “The government has used its new legislation to deliver a low wage outcome which they knew public servants had consistently rejected.  The government has sought to avoid any independent tribunal determining the size of the pay increase or the extent of backdating.

“They have issued this Directive just days before the Supreme Court was to hear the government's appeal against the Industrial Court ruling in favour of union members on the issue of an interim pay increase.

“But it has not seen an end to the strategy of seeking low wage outcomes for public sector workers through negotiations or arbitration or now ministerial directives,” Mr Scott said.

“This stunning turnaround was only after union members escalated the pressure on Campbell Newman through launching a massive Christmas postcard campaign that the Newman government finally agreed to do what union members have been demanding and deliver them an increase,” Mr Scott said.

“Let’s not forget though that politicians received a three percent increase this year and ensured that their own pay increase was backdated to 1 July.  Now the Premier has decided to only backdate the increase for hard working public servants to 1 December.

“Queenslanders are tiring of this government’s obsessive bending of the rules to advantage politicians and disadvantage the community and services.

“Union members will rightly celebrate this partial turn around today, but the fight is not over – they will continue to fight for justice through a fair pay increases and reasonable working conditions and they will win a fair collective agreement.

 “At this stage the arbitration on the non-wage matters will continue in the Industrial Commission next year,” Mr Scott said.


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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