Together calls on government to honour CITEC agreement

Posted April 30, 2014 by Together Queensland

Together is calling on the government to honour all the conditions of the CITEC certified agreement and the directive regarding employees requiring placement.

Together Secretary Alex Scott said today, "CITEC is a great business that has performed exceptionally well.

"CITEC makes a profit for government and has delivered services at a price that is competitive with the private sector while maintaining data security and local Queensland jobs.

"It's clearly ridiculous to try to blame the hard working people at CITEC for this Government's IT policy failures.

"This Government promised they would not privatise any government services or assets before the next election. They are breaking that promise and it is unacceptable.

"CITEC does great work while keeping Queenslanders and Queensland companies information secure and local.

"There are serious questions to be asked including why this government is intent on destroying local industries and jobs.

“We are calling on this government, which is hopelessly addicted to privatising, to honour all the conditions of the CITEC Certified Agreement and the Directive regarding Employees Requiring Placement.

"This government must maintain fair and reasonable redundancy provisions as well as fair transfer options.

"Where has outsourcing ever done better than providing whole of government services in house.

"We know privatising costs more in the long run and reduces transparency.

"It's appalling that at least 15,400 workers' jobs have been abolished by the state since mid-2012 and we call on the government to rule out the off shoring of jobs."


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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