TAFE jobs slashed at Fraser Coast

Posted June 11, 2014 by Together Queensland

Maryborough’s about to cop the brunt of yet another round of job cutting and services cutting, this time at TAFE Maryborough’s engineering section.

Together President Vivienne Doogan said today, “We have serious concerns because over 50 businesses have shut down in Maryborough’s CBD in the last two years and many believe this community pain is due to the significant loss of public sector jobs at Maryborough.

“Now there’s more bad news with Maryborough’s TAFE engineering section workers losing their jobs.

“It’s sparking questions and fears local Maryborough sheet metal trainees will have to leave their homes to train for their careers.

“It’s appalling that more than 100 TAFE Queensland East Coast workers have been thrown into unemployment since December, with reports of more than 250 jobs gone across our state.

“Local people have a right to be concerned that other Fraser Coast TAFE job cutting includes 2 Aged Care teachers at Hervey Bay, as well as 3 child care teachers as well as a language and literacy teacher.

“The Hervey Bay TAFE’s art department has also lost 3 art teachers.

“This is a terrible blow for our members and for Maryborough, a community already suffering one of the worst unemployment rates across our state.

“We are also concerned about reports the TAFE will replace experienced teachers with ‘tutors’, who are paid less but expected to do the work of a teacher which is clearly unfair on both.”

Together Secretary Alex Scott said, “Our members working in the school system, in the health system, in the TAFE system want a strong voice for public sector services which are good for the Queensland community.

“Privatisation of services will be a disaster for the Queensland community, it will be a disaster for the Queensland workforce, and it will be a disaster for regional Queensland.”

The media’s already reported that the loss of 56 public sector jobs at Charleville cost that local economy more than $2.6 million in lost wages (Source: Warrego Watchman newspaper, June 13, 2013).

Pictures and interviews are available this Wednesday June 11


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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