Stop job cuts before launching nest-egg savings plan

Posted November 24, 2011 by Together Queensland

The state government should stop its “nest-egg” savings plan since it is funded by sucking jobs out of the Queensland Police Service (QPS), Together Secretary Alex Scott said today.

“The government’s plan is funded by $32 million of general revenue right after they claimed the QPS needed to cut hundreds of jobs” he said.

“There is a need for a broader debate within Queensland about the merits of Coal Seam Gas (CSG) exploration and what to do with the revenue from it, but that revenue won’t emerge for a number of years,” Mr Scott said.

“The commencement of the nest-egg scheme in 2012 doesn’t rely on CSG revenue, it’s funded by cutting 330 jobs in Queensland Police and that’s unacceptable.

“Those are 330 jobs gone that would otherwise be supporting the work of sworn officers and helping them protect our communities and our kids.

 “We’re calling on the government to reverse these job cuts and put this money back where it belongs – funding the Police Service jobs that keep our streets safe.

“These job losses hurt the ability of our sworn officers to do their job. The government needs to reverse its decision in the best interests of a stronger QPS.

“Let’s build a safe Queensland for our kids now, using the money that we have right now, before we have the debate about what to do in the years to come,” he said.


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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