State election campaign dumps three ring circus onto public hospital patients and workers

Posted February 10, 2012 by Alex Scott

The union of public sector workers is urging political candidates not to compromise public health care by organising campaign stunts at their local health facilities.

The warning follows yesterday’s events where Bundaberg Hospital staff were bailed up by the Member for Burnett, Mr Rob Messenger MP, with a working media team in tow from Nine Network’s ‘A Current Affair’ regarding some local patients’ concerns.

“Unfortunately Mr Messenger’s election campaign activities and ‘A Current Affair’ got down into the gutter out at Bundaberg yesterday,” Together Secretary Alex Scott said today.

"We understand and respect the fact that there shall always be numbers of Queensland patients with health treatment concerns, however quality patient care must be upheld during election campaigns.

“We shall always support media workers’ responsibilities to report without fear or favour in the public interest, however it’s incumbent on political candidates such as Mr Messenger to think very carefully and ensure their campaigning is not impacting public health services, patients and workers.

“Mr Messenger’s campaign activities have been seen by Bundaberg’s hard working hospital staff as a disturbing attack while they are peaceably going about their day to day duties and helping people.

“These health professionals, which include our members, are providing a great service to the Bundaberg Community and people who need health assistance.

“Enough is enough, it’s time for political candidates to focus their campaign activities on policies for the future, not laying siege to public service workplaces.

“We encourage all political candidates, including Mr Messenger to engage in constructive campaigning about the bigger picture, such as the future of health care for Queenslanders.

“Our community might benefit if political candidates such as Mr Messenger consider trying to progress their campaign activities beyond upsetting patients and hospital workers.

"Queensland hospital patients don't really wish to see waiting rooms reduced to three ring campaign circuses in the lead up to the state ballot.

“Public health workers are highly trained, dedicated professionals who are working for Queenslanders every day.

“Dragging the state election campaign through our public hospitals is not just disrespectful to patients, it’s not just upsetting for health workers, it doesn’t just plunge media workers into conflict with hospital security workers, it’s a slap in the face for the state authorities whoare charged with investigating health complaints.

“For the sake of quality patient care we are calling for a sensible approach to the state election that does not pose any sort of potential increased risk for our community’s public services.”


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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