Spooked Springborg hides the truth on hospital selloff

Posted June 6, 2013 by Together Queensland

Health Minister Lawrence Springborg has been caught out in a desperate attempt to mislead his staff, after a letter was distributed to Queensland Health staff claiming that “not a single existing public hospital in Queensland will be privatised.”

Together Secretary Alex Scott said that Mr Springborg’s claim relied on weasel words to avoid talking about the government’s well-advertised strategy to sell off key health services in violation of their election commitments to Queenslanders.

“Lawrence Springborg wants to say that ‘hospitals’ won’t be sold because the government won’t be selling the bricks and mortar. But what happens inside the buildings is the most crucial aspect of Queensland’s public healthcare services and that’s what Mr Springborg wants to sell off,” Mr Scott said.

“Mr Springborg is rolling out the red carpet to private corporations, waving them into our state hospitals. He wants to house them in public buildings. But no matter what it says on the signs out the front of the building, when they enter the front doors, Queenslanders will witness their tax money going to private companies under his plan, in a direct violation of LNP election promises.

“This much is obvious to employees of Queensland Health – Mr Springborg can’t hide the truth from his own staff and it shows his desperation that he is attempting silly word games like this.

“Any Queensland Health employee who has read his Health Blueprint document will not be fooled by a letter that spins ‘outsourcing’ and ‘contestability’ as anything other than privatisation.

“If Mr Springborg was so concerned about what his employees think of his privatisation agenda, maybe he shouldn’t have launched his blueprint at a private LNP fundraiser attended by the private corporations he is now planning to enrich with taxpayer funds,” Mr Scott said.

Attachment: letter by Lawrence Springborg MP included with Queensland Health payslips

Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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