September 3, 2012

Posted September 3, 2012 by Alex Scott

Queensland communities and politicians are being urged to stand up and fight for local jobs and public services amid more cuts to jobs and services for Queenslanders this time at Queensland Health at Townsville.

Together Secretary Alex Scott said, “As Together predicted, this week this government has started cutting jobs at Queensland Health including the jobs of medical officers (doctors), health practitioners and nurses.

“We know of 200 Townsville QH jobs to go in the next 12 months, including 130 full time QH workers.

“For some time we have been concerned that local health boards rather than elected politicians shall be announcing cut after cut after cut.

“It suits the Premier and the Treasurer that these hospital boards are the ones being asked to stand up and explain why local jobs and services are being cut rather than the elected politicians.

“It’s the government that’s setting the budget.

“Our local Queensland communities at Townsville now have an opportunity to stand up and demand that these health jobs are not cut,” Mr Scott said.

Together Vice President Dr Sandy Donald said, “This decision has been made in absolute secrecy.

“Someone has decided what changes will be made, how many jobs will be lost without talking to the experts, that is the people that work in those areas.

“If you discuss matters with the QH staff who work in the areas, they are the experts and they may have better ideas about how to achieve cost savings and ways of doing things.

“Including staff in discussions might minimise the damage to morale.

“Members would be concerned the cuts may be destructive and may cause unintentional harm to remaining services.

“Our members would also be concerned these cuts may unintentionally have adverse effect on other services.

“There may have been very little consideration about how this will effect remaining staff members.

“If staff members are included in the decision making their level of confidence in their management may be higher.”


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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