Queenslanders have a right to know the state of the budget before the ballot

Posted January 4, 2012 by Alex Scott

The union of public sector workers is calling on the Queensland Government to publicly release the midyear budget review as soon as practical before any state election is called.

Additionally, Together is urging the Government to ensure that our Queensland community has at least three weeks to study the key financial document before the Premier makes the trip to Government House.

Together Secretary Alex Scott said today, “This election all candidates and parties are going to be challenged to show how they will be able to continue to provide quality public services while faced with the twin challenges of a budget deficit and a growing Queensland population.

“Our  community needs to know the real state of the government’s finances before the election is called.

“Three years ago the ALP announced in December a budget surplus but in February it announced a projected $1.6 billion deficit on the Friday,  and called the election on the Monday.

“Unfortunately this did not allow for a community debate about the budget deficit or its consequences.

“The government’s deficit response was the asset sales that were then announced after the election.

“Queenslanders deserve an election campaign which is a sound, expansive debate about policies which are well thought out and sustainable, not just thirty second sound bites.

“Governing Queensland for Queenslanders is a very serious responsibility, one that must be properly and justly earned.

“This can only occur if our community is not ambushed and has an opportunity to consider the state of the books and exactly how quality services shall be provided for long term growth.

“The priority has to be how can the government deliver the services we rely on every day – schools and education services, health services, policing as well as the support services, such as the call centre workers and the details people who are responsible for taking comprehensive notes plus filing and records keeping.

“Every day, Queenslanders are depending on community services, science and research innovation, natural resources management and child protection - in the best interests of our community.

“These are the things politicians should be focused on – not the daily spin cycle or political personalities.

“Politicians have a choice – are they going to focus on personalities and sound grabs, or are they going to look at the public sector, look at the services Queenslanders rely on, and articulate full and detailed plans for our community’s future?

“Working Queenslanders are waiting on the answers from all parties still,” Mr Scott said.


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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