Queensland Health change about managing media, not delivering for patients

Posted December 13, 2011 by Alex Scott

The government’s announcement of the split of Queensland Health is an attempt to solve a media problem not an attempt to improve services for Queensland patients, Together Secretary Alex Scott said today.

“The government said this is the greatest reform of Queensland Health in a generation. It is not,” Mr Scott said.

“This is a change to Queensland Health head office, not to the whole of the agency across the state.

“It’s simply a re-announcement of the decentralisation of Queensland Health as part of the National Health Reform programme,” he said.

“The government is tinkering around the edges to take the focus off the latest fraud scandal.

 “It’s telling that instead of talking with staff first, the Premier went straight to Twitter and the media for her big announcement. This is about publicity and spin, but there is nothing in this proposal that will improve service delivery or make things better for patients and the community,” Mr Scott said.

“We are only a few months out from a state election. It’s inconceivable that the government would initiate a serious reform proposal at this time – the consultation and planning would take far longer.

“Instead, we’re looking at a rush job over the Christmas break.

“The government are dressing up what they were already planning to do as something new and different to distract people and to give Labor candidates something positive to say about Health in the next election campaign.

“Workers are disgusted by this government treating their hard work as a media spin campaign. The government could have announced significant organisational change as a result of the payroll disaster in 2010 – they lost that opportunity and are now just in PR crisis management mode.

“Respect is something that all workers should have. The people who keep our healthcare system running work hard and do a great job – but their senior management clearly has an accountability problem.

These workers need real consultation and a real focus on service delivery rather than this media spin cycle,” Mr Scott said.


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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