Qantas Abandons Queensland Call Centre

Posted May 29, 2014 by Together Queensland

Qantas workers in the Brisbane Call Centre were stunned today as they were advised by local Managers that they were all losing their jobs.

In a cruel blow to the staff of the Brisbane Call Centre, Qantas has made the decision to close its call centre operations in Brisbane and Melbourne which will result in hundreds of workers to add to the numbers who have already lost their jobs.

Qantas has announced that its Hobart Call Centre will be the only centre it operates in Australia.

By 2016 both Brisbane and Melbourne call centres will cease to exist.

Queensland ASU Secretary, Ms Julie Bignell described the act as “a slap in the face of Qantas Call Centre professionals who were working with their union to negotiate in good faith with Qantas.

“We have a National meeting scheduled with Qantas tomorrow morning to discuss the future of the Australian call centres and rather than waiting for that meeting, they make the announcement the day before. It is an appalling lack of process and really typifies what we have come to expect from Qantas,” Ms Bignell said.

“We understand that Qantas has met with the State Government over the last two weeks to discuss these issues. The ASU has approached Premier Newman on numerous occasions to also have discussions with him, but we have been ignored by his office. Like Qantas, Premier Newman has clearly demonstrated through his lack of action that he does not care about the fate of the Brisbane Call Centre or its workers.

“It is unclear at this stage, but we have grave concerns that a significant proportion of the Qantas telesales business could be off shored in the future.

“This is a bad decision with devastating consequences for hundreds of workers and not a positive move for the future of Qantas,” said Ms Bignell.


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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