Protect wages, union asks politicians.

Posted February 14, 2012 by Alex Scott

Members of Together are asking for all politicians to protect wages as Queenslanders still struggle to get by, Secretary Alex Scott said.

“Queenslanders value government services and public sector jobs. Public sector workers are making our communities stronger, healthier, safer and more secure places to be. In the current economic climate, that’s never been more important,” Mr Scott said today, launching an online petition to oppose the business lobby’s plan for a wage freeze.

“The cost of living in Queensland is still high. Public sector jobs are the lifeblood of regional communities, and everywhere in our state they are vital for the provision of child protection, health, education, policing, and many other things everyone expects,” Mr Scott said.

“When business lobby groups say the government should cut workers’ wages, reducing funding for services, they are championing discredited ideologies that weaken our communities and hurt the most vulnerable.

“Workers deserve a state government that supports the role of the public sector. Politicians need to understand that Queenslanders won’t wear a government that consigns workers to the scrapheap,” he said.

“Queensland’s public sector workers are delivering world-class services, as well as struggling to make ends meet for themselves and their families. They are entitled to be treated with respect. The community understand this, and we hope business lobby groups and politicians get the message too.”



Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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