Progressive unions fight for the right to marry

Posted on August 18, 2017

Union members understand the importance of fairness, equality and diversity.

Together Branch Secretary Alex Scott said today, "We are standing strong including in those times of inequality, homophobia and the denial of rights for our members and the whole community.

"The federal government’s approach to spend more than $120 million surveying the population for permission to allow two people who love each other to marry is offensive to our members who believe the parliament should just vote instead of wasting money better spent on other things."

The union says the federal government survey is an affront to the LGBTI membership and all who support the rights of equality.

As well, the union is reaching out to those who have recently turned 18, the legal voting age, and are registering to vote for the first time. There's questions being asked regarding how those in remote communities and those travelling overseas are going to be captured in the survey.

"Members are being encouraged to enrol to vote, encouraged to update their enrolment details and to vote yes for marriage equality," Mr Scott said.

"The union has joined the national campaign along with many other unions across the country so we can to bring about an end to homophobia and discrimination."

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