Prioritise Health staff, not witch hunts

Posted December 14, 2011 by Alex Scott

The decision of the Queensland government to publicly announce the suspension of senior Queensland Health staff publicly is a trashing of natural justice and ignores what is best for staff, Together Secretary Alex Scott said today.

“Queensland Health have publicly announced they are suspending staff over the recent alleged fraud – staff that have been found guilty of no misconduct and have not even yet been subject to an investigation,” Mr Scott said.

“These workers have had their reputations dragged through the mud because a desperate government is looking for someone to blame other than themselves.

“This announcement isn’t about isn’t about patient services, it isn’t about improving Queensland Health, it isn’t about what will help Queenslanders, it’s about trying to generate good headlines.

“The government won’t get ‘cultural change’ that delivers for patients and staff for as long as they only care about prosecuting witch hunts.

“Any investigation should respect the conventions of natural justice, which means taking place in an environment of due process and privacy, not being splashed around in the news.

“The government’s response to the latest problem in Queensland Health has been to set the spin machine into overdrive. Meanwhile, these individuals are having their reputations publicly trashed, and the tens of thousands of Queensland Health employees who keep our health system running and deliver quality services for patients are being ignored,” Mr Scott said.

“It’s not surprising from this department but it is a great shame. Our health system is world-class and its staff work hard every day. They are trying to do their job and the government is doing nothing to make this easier,” he said.


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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