Premier must intervene as industrial chaos looms in hospitals

Posted October 9, 2011 by Together Queensland

Premier must intervene as industrial chaos looms in hospitals

Following her intervention on behalf of Queensland Health payroll employees, the Premier must intervene to ensure all Queensland Health workers receive a wage rise in line with the rising cost of living, the Health union said today.

The call follows an announcement that staff working in payroll offices would receive additional pay and reclassifications, while thousands of other workers whose conditions were up for renewal would not.

Together Secretary Alex Scott said workers across the state are feeling the pinch and Queensland Health’s below inflation wages offer will further tighten the screws on already stretched household budgets.

“We’re asking that the Premier treat Health workers fairly and give them the chance to keep up,” Mr Scott said.

“Workers throughout Queensland Health have been treated appallingly. Right now Queensland Health is lurching from crisis to crisis as our barely functional hospitals suffer from abysmal morale. For months departmental negotiators have been telling workers that they will have to accept a real wages cut, as a result of the tremendous cost of the payroll failure.”

“Fixing our health system and keeping quality workers in our hospitals must be the government’s highest priority. Workers shouldn’t have to bear cost cutting to make up for the payroll stuff-up.”

Health workers will be rallying across the state this week, calling for the Premier to get involved in negotiations.

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