Plunging polls - the LNP Queensland government’s legacy of job cuts and services cuts for Queenslanders

Posted December 27, 2012 by Together Queensland

The union of public sector workers says today’s polls don’t show the true depth of feeling in the Queensland community as the LNP Queensland government’s job cutting and services cutting starts hitting home.

Together Secretary Alex Scott said today, “Queensland is deeply opposed to the cuts that are occurring in the public sector and while this government continues to cut the polls will continue to get worse for them.

“What we are also now seeing is the real impact of the service cuts.

“Queenslanders are opposed to the job cuts that are occurring but they are also deeply concerned about the impact of these cuts on our hospitals, our schools and our TAFE colleges.

“We will see a far greater deterioration in the polls in the months ahead when people understand the true impact of these cuts on Queensland communities.

“The LNP Queensland Government needs to wake up to itself, take the Christmas period as an opportunity to start listening to our Queensland community, listening to their concerns about services.

“The LNP Queensland government would lose about 30 seats under current polling.

“I’ve never seen a government destroy itself so quickly.

“Service cuts are dramatically impacting on the public sector and the community’s support for this LNP Queensland government.

“The LNP Queensland Government is becoming more and more dysfunctional.

“Clearly if the LNP government in Queensland is anything to go by the Queensland community will never trust the LNP to govern nationally.

“Nationally if the LNP wants to have any chance of retaining seats in Queensland they need to intervene and stop Campbell Newman’s cuts.

Mr Scott said, “There’s nothing more toxic in Queensland politics than breaking your election promises.

“If the current process continues the LNP Queensland government will be a one term Government however there’s still an opportunity for them to reverse this.

“They need to understand the impact their cuts are having on services, on Queensland’s Hospitals, our fire safety and a range of other areas.

“That’s why people are looking to our community to have a strong voice in the months ahead through our ‘Working for Queenslanders’ campaign.

“There are now a litany of broken promises that the LNP Queensland government made before the election but have now been thrown away for ideological reasons because they are putting the Queensland budget ahead of Queensland communities.”


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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