Nicholls’ radical plan involves massive job cuts – union

Posted on November 2, 2017

Under Tim Nicholls’ leadership, the LNP have adopted a radical ideological approach to the public sector, out of step with every other state including those with LNP governments.

"Tim Nicholls has announced that the LNP’s policy is to target general Government Sector fiscal balances rather than the operating balances which have been used by every other Queensland government, and continue to be used by every other state government," Together Secretary Alex Scott said.

"This use of fiscal balances shows that Tim Nicholls remains committed to the recommendations of the Peter Costello Audit Commission report of 2012.

"Under Tim Nicholls the LNP is seeking to go further than Campbell Newman. Under Campbell Newman the LNP government never reached a general government sector fiscal surplus; the closest they came to this was a promise to achieve it sometime in the future," Mr Scott said.

The LNP says that the fiscal deficit will be $11.6 billion over the next four years.

The LNP has ruled out increasing taxes, and to achieve a General Government Sector Fiscal Surplus it will require $11.6 billion in cuts over the next four years. This would necessarily have to include cuts to general expenditure or to infrastructure spending," Mr Scott said.

The LNP has committed to increase infrastructure spending.

"To achieve their fiscal balance goal for the next financial year, a Nicholls LNP government would require $3.946 billion in cuts to general expenditure, which is the equivalent of 35,000 public sector positions," Mr Scott said.

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