Newman government record on Health is shameful, union says.

Posted January 24, 2014 by Together Queensland

The Queensland government is trying to hide the effects of the massive cuts it has made to health staffing and budgets, Together Secretary Alex Scott said today.

“The facts are these: in mid 2012, the government’s own MOHRI data indicated that there were 68,863.7 full-time equivalent positions statewide in Queensland Health.[1]

“The same dataset now records that Queensland Health’s full-time equivalents statewide are 64,192.18 – a loss of over 4,500 positions across the state,” he said[2].

“The government should be releasing the MOHRI data for the electorate of Redcliffe so we can see the true state of affairs in relation to the provision of health services under the Newman government,” Mr Scott said.

“We know that the Newman government has lost 485 full-time equivalent HP positions in Queensland Health through their redundancy program alone. Thanks to the Newman government’s cuts, there are fewer health practitioners employed in Queensland Health than at any time since 2010, while our state’s population has continued to grow,” he said.

The loss of positions because of redundancies comes on top of people departing because of the government’s attacks on their conditions, Mr Scott said.

“After signing a new collective agreement for doctors in 2012, the Newman government disgustingly went back on its word to doctors and is now trying to force them onto individual contracts. Similarly they are attacking the wages and conditions of health practitioners in their effort to destroy the HP collective agreement.

“There has certainly been an improvement on health delivery standards in Redcliffe since 2005 but that began when the Beattie government made a large injection of funds to improve services after the Bundaberg Hospital and other crises.

“That injection of funds saw a substantial increase in the numbers of doctors, nurses and allied health professionals employed by Queensland Health under fair working conditions. It also saw the recruitment of staff in other previously neglected areas such as preventative health – positions that the Newman government has slashed.

“The Newman government has started tearing down the Beattie health framework and as a result health professionals and doctors are already starting to leave the public health system,” he said.

“This is a shameful record for the Newman government and the families of Redcliffe are suffering because of this government’s cuts,” Mr Scott said.

[1] Public Service Commission, “Queensland Public Service Workforce Characteristics  2011-2012”

[2] Public Service Commission, “Queensland Public Service  Workforce Characteristics 2012/13”


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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