New concerns about how the government is reducing Queensland’s health waiting lists.

Posted January 20, 2014 by Together Queensland

There’s new concerns about how the government is reducing Queensland’s health waiting lists.

“The government has some questions to answer about surgery waiting list numbers and patients ending up back at the start of lists at short notice,” Together Secretary Alex Scott said today.

“At Townsville, while numbers of patients waiting a year for elective surgery were reduced the government is spinning those numbers to give themselves a pat on the back.

“What the government isn’t telling people is there are 1432 patients on category 3 waiting lists.

“We are concerned about reports on the government’s watch of patients are ending up at the start of waiting lists when they don’t respond to letters or can’t attend operations and pre-surgery clinics at short notice.

“Our members want patients to get the help they need and are mindful some have to save and travel to attend surgery.

“We support strategies that help patients get surgery rather than strategies that make numbers appear good for the government.

“When will this government say how many waiting list patients are actually getting the surgery they need and how many are being removed from lists because they are perceived to decline appointments?

“They’ve omitted the department’s own health performance indicators show current health staff gains are the result of work started under a 2005 Queensland Health Action Plan.

“With health suffering under the burden of more 4000 less health workers, we demand the government say how many health workers were sacked since April 2012 in the state’s north to honestly show the drastic cuts to health staffing.

“We have reports of cuts continuing via continuous restructure.

“We condemn the state’s cuts to health staff, funding and services as this has triggered a health crisis.

“What’s missing in all this is proper consultation across the workforce.”

Together Townsville Organiser, Billy Colless stated that “In January last year John Hathaway and all local MP’s dropped the ball with health when they let their premier cut services that north Queenslanders need.”

Mr Colless asked, “When will John Hathaway and our Local MP’s stop spinning misleading statistics and start fighting for our local health service?”


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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