New Children’s Hospital short staffing, underfunding starts to bite

Posted on December 11, 2014

Patients’ families and staff have raised concerns that the new Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital was opened before it was fully functional.

Together members report that staff facilities are not adequate and not complete and health workers are still finding out whether they have a job at the hospital or not almost a fortnight after the official opening.

Media reports today suggest significant issues with the provision of clinical and support services as well as lack of patient and family amenities and patient transport.

Together Secretary Alex Scott said today, “Our members have been saying to Children’s Health Queensland, ‘We’re concerned this hospital won’t be ready to open on November 29,’ and it has been made very clear that the Newman government was committed to opening this hospital on November 29 no matter what.

“This deadline is political - it is about an election next year and the government being able to say in their tax payer funded election ads – ‘look at our shiny new hospital’ – but regardless of how shiny it is it appears this government has not allowed enough time for this hospital to be finished.

“It doesn’t have basic patient and family amenities, its understaffed, there aren’t enough car parks, there isn’t sufficient appropriate patient transport.

“Staff don’t have access to sufficient workspaces, storage for case notes and clinical resources and there are significant telecommunications issues within the hospital.

“Days after opening there were still not enough desks, chairs, computers or stationary for staff to do their jobs, and there was even medical equipment out in the corridors.

“Patients and staff have been telling the local board about all these matters. The buck stops with this government, Mr Newman and Mr Springborg have failed patients and their families.”

Mr Scott added, “This shows once again that the priorities of this government in health is funding election ads instead of hospitals.

“This government can spin this as mere teething issues but that is not the information coming from patients’ families today in the media and from our members.

The Together union represents health workers at the new Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital including doctors, allied health and support and administration staff.

“Staff being told to keep their concerns to themselves as reported in the media today is not good enough.

“Our members working in these health facilities are the experts in patient care and providing and supporting these services.

“Their views are paramount in ensuring that government services are delivered appropriately and efficiently and quality is maintained.

“The cuts to health staffing by this government are showing.”


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