New Children’s Hospital short staffed, underfunded

Posted on November 29, 2014

There’s concerns about staffing problems at the new Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital as the facility opens its doors.

Together Secretary Alex Scott said today, “We support the establishment of this great looking new facility however we are concerned by staffing compromises.

"This government has decided to save on staffing costs for health care delivery to LCCH patients.

"We understand the combined workforce at LCCH is less than the cumulative numbers across both former hospitals and the floor space is reduced when compared to both previous facilities.

"The expected demands on the service are not reduced.

"Final numbers of job losses are not yet known."

Mr Scott said confirmed changes include:

  • Royal Children’s Hospital job losses including staff providing direct patient health care including social worker, physiotherapist, audiologist, nursing positions and possibly medical positions.
  • Significant downgrading of experienced workers into lower level positions across the hospital.
  • Outsourcing of some work to private companies including medical typing. This decision ignores massive failures of outsourcing medical typing at other Hospital and Health Services, including both Central Queensland and Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Services which reversed their decisions to outsource medical typing and have been forced to bring medical transcription work back in-house.

"A reduction in funding to staff the new Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital raises concerns that the Queensland government has decided to provide a lesser service in a more modern building,” Mr Scott said.

"We have received reports that the Queensland government funding Children’s Health Queensland to operate and staff the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital was less than what CHQ requested.

"This government underfunding has led to decisions to lose experienced health workers, downgrade positions and outsource work to profit based companies, it’s become a missed opportunity for a

world class facility."

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