Government bungles putting prison safety at risk

Posted November 16, 2011 by Together Queensland

The Queensland government has clearly no plan for the prison system and is lurching from one band aid fix to the next, the Corrections union said today.

Together Secretary Alex Scott said the government was putting the safety of inmates, staff and the community at risk by doubling up inmates in Brisbane and Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centres while closing Borallon Correctional Centre and leaving capacity at Woodford Correctional Centre unused.

“Prisoners are sleeping on mattresses on the floor. In Townsville, they’re being housed in units that had previously been shut down permanently. Meanwhile police watchhouses are overflowing”, Mr Scott said.

“This overcrowding is a result of poor management and failure to plan. It’s costing taxpayers, putting pressure on Correctional staff, and increasing tension in prisons. Standards of safety are being put at risk, endangering our community,” he said.

“There is room for 400 inmates at Woodford Correctional Centre right now, which is why it’s so ridiculous that prisoners are doubling up and sleeping on floors.

“This is first-order incompetence from the government. Six months ago they announced the closure of Borallon Correctional Centre because it wasn’t needed, and now they can’t find enough cells to empty police watchhouses. 

“The Queensland community are the losers thanks to the government’s incompetent management of our prisons”, Alex said.


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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