LNP must clarify its position on 2.5% cap

Posted on November 1, 2017

Queensland's public sector union, Together, is calling on the LNP to clarify its position in relation to the proposed 2.5% cap on employee expenses in the LNP's budget strategy.

Following commitments made by the Opposition Leader Tim Nicholls in relation to the LNP's proposed budget strategy, the Together Union has today written to the LNP seeking confirmation of the proposed cap on employee expenses as a key costing component of the LNP's election platform.

"We know that the LNP went into the 2012 state election with a budget strategy based on a limit on the annual growth of employee expenses of 3%. Prior to this in the 2009 state election, LNP policy was a $3 billion productivity dividend to reduce the employee expenses over the forward estimates," said Together Branch Secretary, Alex Scott.

The LNP have clearly indicated over the last year that their budgetary policy will be to limit the employee expenses contained within the budget. The strong and persistent rumour within the Queensland public service is that Tim Nicholls and his team have developed their budget strategy aroudnd a 2.5% cap on employee expenses to align it with the state government wages policy and existing public sector wage increases," said Mr Scott.

The Together union has written to the LNP seeking their position on this issue be confirmed at the start of the election campaign rather than released the day before the state election, as was the case in the 2012 election.

The union is not seeking that the costings of the LNP's election commitments be released at the start of the campaign, however, the question of employee expenses underpins the broader debate about the level of Queensland debt and the ability of the government to provide quality services to the community.

An LNP policy based on a 2.5% cap on employee expenses would result in a reduction over the forward estimates of $1.05 billion and would also result in a loss of 9545 jobs within the public service.

"The LNP are talking a lot about the size of the public service and the state government debt in this campaign. This is a key issue in this state election and the LNP need to confirm their policy at the start of the campaign rather than releasing it in the last two days of the campaign, hidden away in the fine print of the election campaign," Mr Scott said.

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