Health job cuts for Queenslanders condemned

Posted September 10, 2012 by Alex Scott

Job cuts at Queensland Health have been condemned by Together, the union of public sector workers whose members include thousands of public servants across Queensland Health.

“These job cuts for Queenslanders are an unprecedented attack on public health as we know it,” Together Secretary Alex Scott said today.

“It’s an attack on the long term sustainability of our Queensland Health system and a declaration of intergenerational warfare.

“This government is refusing to release details about which hospitals are affected.

“These Queenslanders are losing their jobs because this government is refusing to pay appropriately for the hospital system our communities deserve.

“This government is cutting jobs and services in regional Queensland and they are trying to hide behind the health boards.

“Our community is standing up and fighting.

“It’s Treasurer Tim Nicholls and Premier Campbell Newman who will have to answer some serious questions about all this, this government is more interested in funding their election promises than funding our hospital system.

“These health job cuts for Queenslanders are ideological.

“No part of Queensland Health is immune from outsourcing, the Director General has confirmed everything is on the table for outsourcing.”

Together Vice President Dr Sandy Donald said, “This government is glorying in sacking Queenslanders and the logic of cutting the health budget to make savings is bizarre.

“If they are slashing public preventative health services they are getting rid of the most effective way of reducing health costs for Queenslanders in ten years’ time.”

Together President Vivienne Doogan said, “You spend money on public preventive health care to save heath costs in the future.

“Public preventive health services such as Breast Screen Queensland are the most financially effective.”


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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