Health crisis facing Sunshine Coast

Posted February 19, 2014 by Together Queensland

There’s concerns from Senior Medical Officers (doctors) working at Sunshine Coast Health facilities who do not wish to sign contracts that reduce their conditions at work.

Together Secretary Alex Scott said today, “Rather than sticking his head in the sand we believe the health minister should stop and have a good think.

“Sunshine Coast doctors and communities have a right to be concerned because, for example, if more and more doctors won’t sign contracts it could affect local health services, also if doctors are working tired or directed to put budgets ahead of patients.

“These contracts do not ‘reward performance,’ rather they punish any doctor the management decides to target regardless of any other fair and reasonable consideration.

“We know already there’s a crisis at health following more than 4500 health job cuts, giving management almost complete control without transparency won’t make things any better, it will make matters worse.

“Keep in mind, hundreds of Senior Medical Officers (doctors) have already met and resolved the Health contracts are unfair and not good enough.

“Queenslanders have a right to be concerned the government as the employer legislated so the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission cannot act as the fair and independent umpire for doctors.”

Health facilities at the Sunshine Coast include Nambour General Hospital, Caloundra Health Service, Gympie Hospital and Maleny Soldiers Memorial Hospital.

More doctors will be required for the 738 beds that will progressively be brought online at the new Sunshine Coast University Hospital by 2021.


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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