Doctors meet to oppose unfair individual contracts in public health

Posted February 6, 2014 by Together Queensland

Queensland’s Senior Medical Officers (doctors) have been meeting to oppose unfair individual contracts for doctors working in public health.

Doctors have been refusing to sign individual contracts that remove their rights at work.

“Hundreds of SMOs have been meeting across the state, with the community’s support we will continue to maintain the pressure against the contracts,” Together Secretary Alex Scott said today.

“The health of all Queenslanders will suffer as a result of hard working senior public health doctors being threatened, we don’t want to lose these exceptional people from our health system.

“The government is trying to force the doctors onto individual contracts which remove their rights and threaten vital conditions like fatigue leave provisions and unfair dismissal protections.

“We believe other health workers will be next.

“Let’s not forget the government legislated in the dark of night to trample a Medical Officers’ agreement that preserved doctors’ rights and conditions and was finalised in 2012.

“The LNP government signed the Medical Officers collective agreement, before legislating to override it.

“What we know with this government is they don’t particularly want to talk about the hard slog of making the best health care system and that’s about providing enough money for the health system when they have ripped out billions.

“Our public doctors deserve a say about how, where and when they work.

“Our hard working doctors deserve to be consulted about change, about fair hours of work and a healthy and safe work environment.”

Together health delegate Dr Sandy Donald said, “For Queensland’s Public Health Service Senior Doctors the contract is worse than Work Choices.

“The contract is not binding on the employer, who re-wrote the laws, in that there is enormous scope to change rosters and working conditions unilaterally and cut pay without notice but the doctor still has to give up to six months’ notice.”


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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