Department urged to rethink Wide Bay TAFE job cuts, save library for Maryborough TAFE students

Posted March 7, 2012 by Alex Scott

Department urged to rethink Wide Bay TAFE job cuts, save library for Maryborough TAFE students

“It’s the region’s TAFE students who shall be losing out if these 20 jobs go,” Together Regional Organiser Ron Fossen said today.

“For example, there’s fears the Maryborough TAFE library will shut after March 13, and that’s thought to be the impact of losing just one of the TAFE jobs we’ve heard about.

“Still it’s not too late to protect jobs and services for our local community.”

Mr Fossen noted the state government is currently in caretaker mode until the state election is complete.

“In good faith, Together Delegates again met with management last Friday to discuss how work was going to be done if 20 workers were going to be displaced,” Mr Fossen said.

“As you’d imagine it was concerning when we were confronted by a newspaper report stating these job discussions had already been agreed to by our members before those talks occurred.

“After that concerning newspaper article surfaced, local management promised they would respond to our concerns by Monday March 5 however the silence has been deafening.

“It’s been a while since I attended TAFE however not being able to attend a Library due to it being closed because the staff have been sacked, will have an effect on students I would think!

“The Librarian is essential at any learning facility, especially in this day and age where computer access, video conferencing and online learning are added complexities in the once paperback environment.

“Many local families require assistance with this ever changing world of learning and the Librarian is the learning lynchpin.

“This is why our Together Delegates are standing ready to discuss these matters because it seems the department is sadly out of touch, with no understanding about how the loss of 20 jobs would impact local TAFE students, local TAFE services and local families.

“Now’s the time for the department to stop, think and return to the negotiating table, rather than slashing jobs during caretaker mode.

“We know there’s a budget shortfall, however it’s not too late for Head Office to address that more constructively and avoid adversely impacting hard working local families plus everyone studying at Gympie, Maryborough, Hervey Bay and Bundaberg TAFE Campuses.”


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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