Dark day for Queensland communities as government launches unprecedented job slashing to fund its election promises

Posted July 31, 2012 by Alex Scott

The union of public sector workers has condemned the government’s mass sackings of thousands of public sector workers in the one day as an unprecedented attack on public services for Queenslanders including regional communities.

Together Secretary Alex Scott said that the 2000 jobs slashed at Transport and Main Roads would hit communities hard as well as families with breadwinners thrown into unemployment.

“Today’s cuts to jobs for Queenslanders is an outrageous attack on Queensland communities as well as the public services that we provide,” Together Secretary Alex Scott said today.

“Importantly the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission today heard that the government is not actually borrowing money to pay public sector wages, contrary to what the government has claimed.

“These cuts will do nothing in relation to the debt and deficit of the Queensland Government.

“These are cuts the government is choosing to make to pay for election promises and to provide a cover for privatisation of the public services that Queenslanders are relying on each and every day.

“It’s obvious that the government of the day is simply making it up as they are going along.

“This government is using the cover of the Olympic Games to shield its agenda for privatising government services.

“Queenslanders have a right to know that these ongoing job cuts for Queenslanders are not just impacting public services on the ground for communities, they are also taking a huge toll on thousands upon thousands of families left without income.

“These large scale job cuts for Queenslanders were also not referred to before the state election.”

A dispute regarding consultation at Transport and Main Roads’ is continuing at the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission in Brisbane at 4.30pm this afternoon (Tuesday).


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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