Child Safety deserves better than Ros Bates

Posted on May 23, 2017

The union is concerned about recent remarks made regarding Child Safety at the Gold Coast.
Together Secretary Alex Scott said today, "Our members working in Child Safety are highly trained professionals who regard their work extremely seriously.

“We are concerned that one minute the opposition is visiting an agency office, seeking meetings and photos with dedicated Child Safety staff and the next minute they are standing out the front with the media sending mixed messages about the work going on within the office."

The union wishes to make it abundantly clear the fistful of statistics being waved around by Mudgeeraba MP Ros Bates during recent media was not provided by Mermaid Beach Service Centre.

"Additionally, we don’t think the way these matters were brought forward recently was helpful and it failed to shed any real light on how the situation as it stands might be improved," Mr Scott said.

"For example, we believe there is much more to be done in reducing the workloads of Child Safety staff, and addressing systemic issues such as shortages of foster carers.

"The crucial relationships between the department, clients and NGOs have a value beyond any measure and members are concerned that Ms Bates’ comments have not been helpful in ensuring that they can continue to be strengthened.

"Our members’ work is difficult and necessary and deserves respect."

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