Ashgrove new battleground for public sector wages

Posted August 28, 2014 by Together Queensland

Together Secretary Alex Scott said, “Today we are launching the Ashgrove campaign in relation to public sector wages.

“Just over two years ago Campbell Newman promised that public sector wages would keep touch with inflation.

“In that period he’s done everything he can to make sure that thousands of public servants are worse off.

“On top of cutting jobs and cutting services his policies have meant that public servants are tens of thousands of dollars worse off because of his delays in granting a pay increase.

“At the same time he has delivered himself an $89,000 pay increase last year.

“He’s denying hard working public servants the ability to get a fair pay outcome.

“In the lead up to next year’s state election he will be asking the people of Ashgrove for their vote.

“What the people of Ashgrove are going to be asking him for is a commitment that his promises won’t be broken and that he adheres to the commitment he gave before the last state election that public service wages should keep in touch with inflation.

“He clearly has broken thousands of promises since he’s been elected but this is a promise that directly affects the people of Ashgrove and directly affects public sector workers.

“He has the power to provide a pay increase as he did last year.

“What we want to make sure is that pay increases keep touch with inflation but make sure that the pay is provided to make sure the workers are able to make ends meet.

“This government doesn’t understand that Queensland families are doing it tough.

“What we need to do is make sure the government listens and understands the issues being faced by Queensland communities and public sector workers are no different.

“They need their wages to keep touch with inflation, the politicians have their own massive pay increases and they have broken their promises in relation to pay increases for public servants.

“What we will be doing from today and every week from now until Christmas and every week until the election, we will be making sure that the people of Ashgrove have a voice and that they force Campbell Newman to listen and force Campbell Newman to keep his promises and deliver a fair and reasonable wage outcome for public servants.

“This campaign will involve direct grassroots action involving letterboxing, doorknocking but will also be complemented by a media campaign paid for by union members involving paid advertising both in newspapers and on TV.

“Well this will be a long community campaign. What we know is that public servants are thousands of dollars worse off as a result of the decisions of Campbell Newman. He’s broken these promises.

“The people of Ashgrove need to have a strong voice to demand and then provide a fair and reasonable outcome for public servants just as he promised to do before they elected him in 2012 and just before he asks for their vote again.

“So this is a long term campaign that’s been going on in workplaces for a couple of months but this is the start of a very targeted political campaign to try and force Campbell Newman to be accountable for his actions, to be accountable to the people of Ashgrove and to change his mind and make sure he delivers a reasonable pay outcome for all public servants not just LNP politicians.”


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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