ALP and LNP congratulated for long-needed improvements in funding for Speech-language Pathologists in Queensland Schools

Posted March 20, 2012 by Alex Scott

The union of public sector workers has commended ALP and LNP in Queensland for pledging new funding for Speech-language Pathologists in public schools and is calling for additional funding for the other two streams of schools based therapists.

“We welcome the LNP’s announcement of more than $9.4 million for Speech-language Pathologists in Queensland schools should it form a government, which mirrors Labor’s pledge to fund speech therapists,” Together Secretary Alex Scott said today.

“The major parties clearly understand there’s more to our community’s public school system than bricks, mortar, whiteboards and teachers.

“Both the ALP and LNP have agreed to step up and fund schools based Speech-language Pathologists, which is sensible planning that shall transform the lives of many Queensland students.

“What we know is that further to this more than $9.4 million for schools based Speech-language Pathologists, additional, new state spend is also required to increase schools based occupational therapy and physiotherapy services for Queensland’s children.

“These three streams of school based services are vital links in the chain of building stronger brighter futures for our kids,” Mr Scott said.

“Those elected to form our next government shall have an opportunity to do the right thing by Queensland families so that by the time we get to the state budget, new state funding is also announced for additional occupational therapists and physiotherapists in schools.

“What’s vital is that the next government ensures they get the balance right by ensuring that every cent promised for speech-language therapy is spent on speech-language therapy, while at the same time allocating that essential extra spend for occupational therapists and physiotherapists.”


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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