Important Update – Temporary to Permanent Conversion of members in Schools

Posted on September 8, 2017

This is a very important time for members who have been working in temporary roles in state schools.

We know that job security is often the most significant issue for any individual worker. It makes a difference to your sense of security at work and when it comes to planning for a secure home life.

Yesterday afternoon, Together representatives met with DET representatives to negotiate how the different scenarios for the hundreds of long term temporary members in schools will work under the new Temporary Employment Directive.

There are a number of complicated issues in these scenarios in relation to how the Directive processes work.

A key issue being debated is if a worker has ANY permanent hours – for example, 5 permanent hours, and then regularly works an additional 20 hours per week – can that person be converted for their full hours (or a majority of them) – to permanent?

The Department has received some advice saying that if you have any permanent hours, even from many years ago, that would stop you being made permanent in your current and additional long term temporary role and hours.

We are seeking to challenge that view and the Department wants to get further legal advice on this issue.

Together and the Department talked about making sure there were fair outcomes for everyone.

This discussion is not over and it is likely that we will need to keep negotiating up to and over the school holiday period.

We will keep members up-to-date once we find out what the next steps are and if we need to escalate matters to a dispute.

In the mean time we have had some great wins for members particularly in IT roles in the last two weeks and I would like to draw everyone’s attention to the newly released IT funding FAQ that points to making this work group permanent with this funding.

We will be in touch in the next three weeks once we know more about the legal advice.

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