Have you say now on AO and OO wages and conditions

Posted October 15, 2014 by Together Queensland

Dear Members,

Last week I met with Mater management about commencing negotiations for a new enterprise agreement for Mater Public Operational and Administrative staff.

The current agreement expired at the end of August and the Mater believe they will be able to finally start negotiations by the end of this month. As Together members, you are automatically represented by our Union in negotiations. You make decisions about what we ask for, what action or activities we undertake and ultimately what we accept.

Have your say by filling in this survey now.

If you would like to be a bargaining contact for your team or area, and be involved in the steering committee providing advice to negotiators or nominate as a negotiator, then let me know!

Your colleagues in Nursing, Allied Health, Scientific and Medical professions have been presented with proposals from management that offer:

  • wages that don’t keep up with cost of living, 
  • cuts to the entitlements of members, including a reduction in maternity leave,
  • the removal of employment security,
  • reduction of consultation and representation rights, and
  • senior employees forced onto individual contracts.

Together Health Practitioners are standing up for their wages and conditions right now.

There is a lot at stake, but I know that when we stand together we can win.

To succeed in achieving a fair agreement we will need to all be prepared to be active in the negotiation process, and undertake activities as members to demonstrate to management that we are strong. We will also need our colleagues to join us in the union as part of this campaign.

The first step is to decide as a union what we want, and what our priorities are. Please take the time to fill on this short survey that will form the basis of our "log of claims” to management and encourage your colleagues to join us in the Union and have their say too.


Sharon Reynolds
Together Delegate

PS: If you are not an AO or OO member, covered by the Mater Private Agreement, or did not receive this email directly and think you should have, then call our Union office 1800 177 244 to update your classification details.


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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