AO/OO Meeting 1

Posted November 3, 2014 by Together Queensland

Last week Together/ASU delegates and officials met with management to initiate negotiations for your wages and conditions for the next three years. 
The initial issues and concerns we discussed on your behalf were:
  • Delay and Back pay

Given the Mater have delayed the start of bargaining they should commit to back-pay for that period or otherwise guarantee no disadvantage to you because of their delay. HPs have just been told that if they don’t vote for the first offer from management they will not be offered back pay again!

  • Full details of management’s agenda for bargaining

We have asked the Mater to provide the full details of their claims up front so that you can see the whole picture from the outset and provide informed feedback. We know that the offer might change over time as a result of your feedback and action but that’s why it’s important to have it all clearly laid out on the table.

  • Public vs private

We had discussion about the nexus between Mater conditions and Qld Health conditions. The unions advised our view that broad parity of wages and conditions with Qld Health had existed for a long time and had achieved great things for the Mater and its patients and staff. The Mater had the choice to continue to offer these conditions and should do so.

  • Simplification

Simplification involving maintenance or improvement of conditions was broadly supported but often this language is code for stripping way of entitlements and that is an entirely different scenario. It should be hidden behind simplification.

Mater management discussed how big a cohort the administration and operational employees are and they wish to offer the best possible deal they can afford to this group. However they also focused significantly on their limited funding and that the Mater is a private not for profit company.




Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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