Labour day 2017

Labour Day 2017 was a huge success around Queensland! You can share your photos and see others' photos on the Together Facebook page.

For Thursday Island members: your Labour Day is on Friday 19 May!

Region Date March Assembly March Start Family Fun activities Workplace poster More details - Shirts, BBQ etc
THURSDAY ISLAND   19 May   5pm Post Office 5pm Anzac Park  Click here for Thursday Island poster  

Labour Day is our day. It's when we celebrate being union and being stronger together. 

In 2017 at Labour Day celebrations across Queensland Together members will proudly gather in our purple to celebrate what we have achieved as a union in the last year and to stand up for our fairness.

This year we have a special message about fighting off the attack on workers' wages.

It is clear that employers are eyeing off the weekend penalty rates hundreds of thousands of hard working Australians.

Not on our watch!

This Labour Day is our opportunity to send a message to employers and governments that union members won't stand idly and watch our wages and conditions be reduced. We are the great Australian union movement and we are stronger together.

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