On Friday afternoon, the Finance and Admin Committee of MPs released its report for the Industrial Relations Bill. In that report, the government members of the committee recommended that the Public Service Act be amended to allow the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission to deal with matters of ongoing temporary work.

That means, public sector workers would have the same rights as private sector workers and be able to appeal to an independent umpire regarding their employment status.

This is a huge win for our campaign and for public sector workers!

But there is still more to do. To make this recommendation a reality, Queensland politicians still need to vote for the legislation in parliament. Our campaign won’t be over until we get 45 MPs to vote for these changes in Parliament.

We know we have the support of key crossbench MPs, we just need to keep the pressure on the Government to make sure they pass these laws.

You can do that by joining your unionsigning this petition and asking our politicians to commit to the following statement. It's important to join your union because we are always stronger when we act together.

This campaign is funded by Together union members and is an authorised union activity.

Dear Queensland State Parliamentarian

In the next few weeks you will be asked to vote on important legislation impacting of the rights of thousands on Queensland state government workers who serve Queenslanders every day. This legislation will determine whether state government staff that work in temporary and insecure roles have the rights to protections at work to secure a permanent job and protections against unfair dismissal and unfair treatment.

As a Together union member, I support fairness, transparency and the delivery of services for Queenslanders through hard work and a stable state government workforce and each union member who has signed this pledge is asking you to support the same.

When asked to vote in state Parliament we are asking you to say YES to protection at work for all state government workers.

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