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FEEDBACK REQUIRED: TPCH Admin review – Report and recommendations

Please see linked the documentation (here and here) provided to yourselves and the union last week on the TPCH Admin Review, undertaken in late 2017.

Schools: Negotiations

Schools Officers PPE The Organisational Health and Wellbeing area have arranged to ensure … issue with the Department. Organisational Health and Wellbeing listened and they have sought
Tomorrow all our eyes and ears will be tuned to the state budget – we'll see if a change in government wages policy is announced or any other packets of funding identified for your important work in schools. We’ll update you all on Wednesday once we have …

MOCA5 update - 5 weeks of negotiations left

We are now only 5 weeks from the expiry of our current MOCA4 agreement. Your Together Doctors representatives have been working hard while we negotiate our way through your claim items for MOCA5.

eHealth update: Consultation, change and contractors

changes could have a very big impact on eHealth below about the use of contractors in eHealth. Service Delivery Excellence Project … The use of contractors in eHealth Together delegates have raised serious
There are a lot of important changes propsals being discussed in eHealth. As a union member, you have a right to have a say in these processes.

Industrial Relations: Update from meeting with your department representatives

and assurance to both workers in Workplace health and Safety but also to provide a clear
On Tuesday your delegate Karin, Organiser Remi and myself met with your Department Representatives Andrew Harris and Simon Blackwood regarding the issue of occupation violence experienced by our members who are Inspectors.

Parking at Ipswich Hospital and Ipswich Health Plaza

 of parking at Ipswich Hospital and Ipswich Health Plaza coming out of this group. Member
As you may recall, towards the end of 2017 management at WMHHS put out a draft parking policy to staff for consultation. It was put out to Together members, and members raised a fair few concerns with the draft policy. Other unions including the QNMU also…

eHealth: Issues at the Precinct workspace

this email has been sent to all eHealth members in Wickham St. Please feel free to
Members at the new Precinct office in the Valley have been talking to your delegates about concerns over the safety of the workplace and the practicability of working in a shared space.

Clinical Assistants win!

to fill out petitions calling on the DG of Health to prioritise the review of Clinical … organiser had a meeting with Queensland Health

Union News: May 2018

Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander Health Workers update Delegates in Queensland … for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Workers. In this feedback we sought more

QUT Together/ASU Delegates Report back on HiQ

Since our last meeting 21 March, we met with the Acting Director for Human Resources, the Director for HiQ and the Manager, HiQ (Contact Centre). Prior to that meeting we provided the following HiQ Post-Implementation Analysis to HR so they could investig…

Wesley Mission Queensland - Urgent response required

intention is for Allied Health staff.  To ensure Wesley Mission
Recently Wesley Mission Queensland made the decision to bargain separately from Blue Care. Wesley Mission Queensland have announced that they wish to commence bargaining next week (8 May 2018).

Your agreement at Blue Care

Allied Health members have attempted to negotiate and have
Your union office recently received a letter from Blue Care advising that Wesley Mission is splitting from the Blue Care agreements to negotiate their own. It would appear from the letter that Blue Care do not intend on bargaining with their employees aga…

Big news in our campaign for health funding.

government to stop ripping off Queensland Health funding. Last night the federal Treasurer … outstanding is the funding for Queensland health and hospital services in
I want to update you on some important news today on our campaign for the federal government to stop ripping off Queensland Health funding.

Together Update – Meeting with Minister Grace Grace

great divide that now exists between allied health professionals in Queensland Health and … in education will also be paid on the Health Practitioner stream. Minister Grace
As Term 1 draws to a close I am sure you are all looking forward to a well deserved break over Easter. As a union we have a critical few months ahead as we try and secure a new EB agreement that will set out your wages and conditions for the next 3 yea…

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